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Context Clues, Exercise 1
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Directions: The five types of context clues are definition (synonym/restatement), contrast, examples, general sense of the sentence, and clue from another sentence. For each sentence below, use the context to help you determine the meaning of the italicized word.

Because there was so little precipitation this year, the crops dried up and died.
Although I was unable to understand all of the details of the presentation, I did get the gist of it.
B)main point
At a special ceremony, the police chief gave the officer a commendation for bravery.
A)an award for an outstanding achievement
B)an object designed to bring good luck
C)a lecture
One brother is an erudite professor; the other brother, however, has never shown any interest in books or learning.
A)old; elderly
B)well-educated; well-read
C)snobbish; stuck up
Night is the time when many animals forage, or search, for food.
A)come out at night
C)search for food
The waiter was so brusque that we left only a small tip. He was impolite and impatient, and seemed annoyed whenever we asked for something.
A)acting or speaking in a rude, abrupt manner
B)frightening looking
C)knowledgeable and skilled
The store specializes in cutlery, such as forks and knives, that has unique designs.
A)spices and seasonings
B)plates, bowls, and cups
C)silverware; eating utensils
My sister loathes broccoli, but she loves spinach.
A)dislikes intensely
B)eats eagerly
C)prepares and cooks
Psychologists have conducted research on altruism, which can be defined as "putting the needs and welfare of others above one's own needs and well-being."
A)psychologists who conduct research
B)research conducted by psychologists
C)putting the needs and welfare of others above one's own needs and well-being

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