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Context Clues, Exercise 2
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Directions: This exercise features adjectives that can be used to describe people. Use the context clues in each item to help you determine the meaning of the word in bold print.

The president of the company felt so despondent over its bankruptcy that he went into a deep depression.
B)surprised and delighted
C)sad and hopeless
D)exhausted and weary
My father is despotic. I never get my way! There's no arguing with him because whatever he says, goes.
A)behaving like a ruler with absolute power
B)cruel, hurtful, and abusive
C)behaving in a loud, angry manner
D)open to other people's opinions
The French ambassador is extremely suave, by which I mean that he has ability to handle any social situation graciously.
A)able to speak more than one language
B)handsomely stylish
D)agreeably smooth and courteous
My brother is absolutely tenacious. For example, when he sets a goal for himself, he doesn't let anything stop him from achieving it.
A)silly and unreasonable
B)stubborn; refusing to give up
C)well-liked by others
D)always seeking help from others
Their teammate proved so unreliable--undependable--that they never knew whether he would show up for practice.
D)highly committed
The aging actor is fastidious about her appearance: her clothes are beautifully tailored, her hair and make-up are flawless, and she is always perfectly groomed.
A)careless, uncaring
B)unable to take care of
C)having a sense of humor about
D)extremely careful about
Paul is very macho: he loves contact sports, fast cars, and war movies. In contrast, his twin bother, Saul, enjoys chess, hiking, and astronomy.
A)having an exaggerated sense of masculinity
B)being competitive with one's brother or sister
C)insecure; lacking confidence
D)having a cheerful nature
The ballet dancer so lithe that she seemed to glide across the stage.
A)difficult to work with
C)displaying effortless grace
D)having a snobbish or arrogant attitude
South African leader Nelson Mandela is a magnanimous man who is respected worldwide for his courageous, lifelong effort on behalf of human rights.
B)noble in mind and heart
C)wealthy, affluent
D)bitter and angry
The captain of the pep squad is vivacious when she performs, but the rest of the time she is calm and low-key.
A)lively, high-spirited
B)relaxed and easygoing
C)sad, unhappy

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