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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing, 11/e

Scot Ober, Ball State University
Jack E. Johnson, University of West Georgia
Arlene Zimmerly, Los Angeles City College

ISBN: 0073372196
Copyright year: 2011

Feature Summary


Integrated System

  • Together, the book and software systematically lead students through each lesson.
  • Cohesive system to provide an easy path to success.

Online Software

  • New! Online functionality. Same program, now Web-based!
  • Greater accessibility for use at home, in class, and in labs – perfect for distance learning!
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Seamless updates with no user action required.
  • Automatic keyboarding and formatting error scoring.


  • MAP+ (Misstroke Analysis and Prescription) an individualized, diagnostic tool built into software.
  • New! Unlimited drill lines – MAP+ now begins at Lesson 1.
  • Individualized skillbuilding in every lesson.
  • Enrichment skillbuilding lessons available for Lessons 1-20.
  • More intensive practice on the ten-key numeric keypad.

Language Arts

  • A critical document processing skill systematically covered in short, easy-to-grasp exercises.
  • Includes punctuation, usage, proofreading, composing, and spelling coverage.
  • Incorporated throughout Lessons 21-120 with increasing difficulty.
  • Interactive instruction, practice, application, and feedback for immediate reinforcement.

Document Processing

  • Automatic scoring of key stroking and formatting errors.
  • Emphasis on word processing as an enabling (rather than a terminal) skill.
  • Separate, keep-for-reference Word Manual.
  • Streamlined formatting standards.
  • Built-in Reference Manual in text and software, consistent with The Gregg Reference Manual.

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