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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing, 11/e

Scot Ober, Ball State University
Jack E. Johnson, University of West Georgia
Arlene Zimmerly, Los Angeles City College

ISBN: 0073372196
Copyright year: 2011

The Kit Format

Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing is a multicomponent instructional program designed to give the student and the instructor a high degree of flexibility and a high degree of success in meeting their respective goals. The textbook is offered in several volumes: Lessons 1–20, Lessons 1–60, Lessons 61–120, and Lessons 1–120. The GDP software is a Web-delivered, PC-compatible program providing complete lesson-by-lesson instruction for each of the 120 text lessons. The document processing Word Manual, used in conjunction with the textbook for Lessons 21–120, teaches the document processing skills needed to create efficient business documents using Microsoft Word.

The Kit Format

All kits are available in both Microsoft® Word 2013, Word 2010, and Word. Please see the PDF “GDP11 KIT ISBNS.pdf” for a list of ISBNS and kit details. GDP11 Kit ISBNs (58.0K)

For student and instructor convenience, the core components of this instructional system—the textbook, the Word Manual, and the Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP) software—are available in a variety of kit formats.

Kit 1: Lessons 1–60

This kit, designed for the first keyboarding course, provides the Lessons 1–60 textbook, the Word Manual, and an access card to the GDP software. Since this kit is designed for the beginning student, its major objectives are to develop touch control of the keyboard and proper keyboarding techniques, to build basic speed and accuracy, and to provide practice in applying those basic skills to the formatting of e-mails, reports, letters, memos, tables, and other kinds of personal and business communications.

Kit 2: Lessons 61–120

This kit, designed for the second course, provides the Lessons 61–120 textbook, the Word Manual, and an access card to the GDP software. This course continues the development of basic keyboarding skills and emphasizes the formatting of various kinds of business correspondence, reports, tables, electronic forms, and desktop publishing projects from arranged, unarranged, handwritten, and rough-draft sources.

Kit 3: Lessons 1–120

This kit, designed for both the first and second course, provides the Lessons 1–120 textbook, the Word Manual, and an access card to the GDP software.

Kit 4: Lessons 1–20

This kit, designed for shorter keyboarding courses, provides the Lessons 1–20 text and an access card to the GDP software.

Instructor’s Resource Kit

This kit, only available to instructor’s adopting GDP 11 products for their course, provides all of the print products instructors need to coordinate their course in conjunction with the new online GDP software instructor course management tools. This kit includes the IWE (Instructor WrapAround Edition) Lessons 1-60, IWE (Instructor Wraparound Edition) Lessons 61-120, Word Manual (for either Word 2007 or Word 2010), and the Tests & Solutions Manual, providing solution keys for all of the formatting in Lessons 25–120 in addition to objective tests, placement tests, and alternative document processing tests for each part.

Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your McGraw-Hill Education Learning Technology Specialist.