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An Introduction to the World's Oceans, 10/e
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Instructor Supplements

McGraw-Hill offers a variety of supplements to assist instructors with both preparation and classroom presentation.

The 10th Edition Website (

The 10th edition website offers a wealth of teaching and learning tools for instructors and students. Instructors will appreciate:
  • A password-protected Instructor’s Manual with answers to the study questions and study problems in the text
  • PowerPoint lecture outlines
  • Scripps videos
  • Animations
  • Access to the online Presentation Center, including most of the illustrations, photographs, and tables from the text in convenient jpeg format
  • A student center with multiple-choice quizzes, a student study guide, key term flashcards, Internet exercises, and web links to chapter-related material
  • A test bank utilizing McGraw-Hill’s EZ Test software. EZ Test is a flexible and easy-to-use electronic testing program that allows instructors to create tests in a wide variety of question types.

Presentation Center

Build instructional materials whereever, whenever, and however you want!
The Presentation Center is an online digital library containing assets such as photos, artwork, animations, PowerPoints, and other media types that can be used to create customized lectures, visually enhanced tests and quizzes, compelling course websites, or attractive printed support materials.

Access to your book, access to all books!
The Presentation Center library includes thousands of assets from many McGraw-Hill titles. This ever-growing resource gives instructors the power to utilize assets specific to an adopted textbook as well as content from all other books in the library.

Nothing could be easier!
Accessed from the instructor side of the website, the Presentation Center’s dynamic search engine allows you to explore by discipline, course, textbook chapter, asset type, or keyword. Simply browse, select, and download the files you need to build engaging course materials. All assets are copyright McGraw-Hill Higher Education but can be used by instructors for classroom purposes.

Student Supplements

The Internet makes oceanographic information and data available to researchers and it also provides images and information in many forms to instructors and students. Public agencies and museums, universities and research laboratories, satellites and oceanographic projects, interest groups, and individuals all over the planet provide information that can be publicly accessed.

The website for An Introduction to the World’s Oceans is a great place to review chapter material and enhance your study routine. Visit for access to the following online study tools:
  • Multiple-choice quizzes
  • Student study guide
  • Key term flashcards
  • Internet exercises
  • Web links to chapter-related material