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An Introduction to the World's Oceans, 10/e
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The Tides

Internet Exercises
In this exercise, you'll explore factors that influence the tides, and compare tide charts for several locations.
A. Under the heading "Tidal Height and Current Site Selection," find the alphabetical list of all tidal height sites and choose the link for Bangor, Maine. Today's tidal data is displayed.
B. Now go to "Prediction Options" and select "Tabular List." Change the starting time for calculations and set the year, month, day, and time (use 0000 hrs to 2400 hrs). Select the local time zone. Go to "Make New Prediction." Print out your new prediction for Bangor tides.
C. Do the same for Galveston, Texas, using the same date and time. Plot a tide curve for each of these cities. Are the tide curves the same? Why or why not?
D. Now go to "Site Selection;" go to the alphabetical list of current speed sites and choose the link for Deception Pass, Washington. Find the currents for 15 August 2001. From the predicted list for this date, find the times for slack water. What is the local time for these predictions?