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An Introduction to the World's Oceans, 10/e
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Production and Life

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Access Seawifs Home Page. Scan down and choose "Data Sets Images." Go to "Nimbus 7 CZCS Global and Regional Data Sets and Documentation." Click on the North Atlantic image. Check the color scale that relates screen color to phytoplankton pigment concentration. Identify the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current in the image. Which water carries more phytoplankton? What reasons can you give for this? Identify the North Atlantic current gyre. Why is the center of the North Atlantic gyre so low in production?
All living things require food to live – food that must be acquired by eating other living things, or in some cases, built using energy from the sun. How organisms interact in this quest for food can be described by the links of a food web. Using the information described in the link above, discuss the importance of different positions within a food chain, how a food chain relates to food webs, and the role of the microbial loop.