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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following statements does NOT apply to California in WWII?
A)Until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, most Californians were isolationists.
B)The Depression had ended, and the war came as an unwelcome distraction from economic recovery.
C)The state's population had grown about 20 percent during the Depression.
D)The state's per capita wealth had tripled by 1945.
The most important wartime industries in California were
A)bridge and dam building.
B)oil and steel industries.
C)ship and airplane manufacturing.
D)bomb and munitions production.
Race relations in wartime California can be described as
A)typifying the discriminatory practices operating in many southern states.
B)prompting blacks to organize for equal labor rights.
C)contributing to the worst stateside disaster of the war.
D)all of these.
Which of these men was not a leading aircraft industry figure during WWII
A)Donald Douglas.
B)Allen Loughead.
C)T. Claude Ryan.
D)John Northrop.
Which of the following is true of women workers in wartime industry?
A)They represented some 40 percent of the workforce.
B)They were welcomed and supported by most men.
C)Many of them preferred to serve in the military.
D)all of these
According to the text, the "relocation" of Japanese Americans during the war was
A)a tragic and needless blunder.
B)influenced by stereotypical racist delusions about them.
C)promoted by numerous politicians in inflammatory speeches and reports.
D)all of these.
Which of the following statements is NOT true ?
A)In February 1942, President Truman signed Executive Order 9066.
B)In March 1942, all persons of Japanese ancestry in California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona were ordered to await evacuation.
C)Of the 93,000 Japanese Americans in California, more than half were American-born citizens.
D)The Japanese living in the Hawaiian Islands were imprisoned "for their own safety."

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