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Internet Exercises
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Read about the Master Plan for Higher Education at, and then consult the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office website at Study the first site's "Heart of the Plan." Was there a grade-point average requirement for community college students? What was the reasoning for this decision? What shift of students would take place under this new plan?
Read an excerpt from David Burner's Making Peace with the Sixties at What activities does he consider forerunners to Free Speech activism at Berkeley and other campuses in the late 1950s? What kind of political experience did Mario Savio bring to the campus? What is the writer's attitude toward the protestors? How can you tell?
Compare the perspectives of the following sites regarding the Vietnam War: and At Time's site, find the "Photo Essay" section and browse the images of former President Clinton's 2000 visit to Vietnam. What is the message of this essay? How effective is it? According to the "Man of the Year" archived essay on General William Westmoreland, why was the U.S. so committed to fighting the war? Did that goal change with the U.S. withdrawal of troops in Southeast Asia? Note that this is a commercial website. How is that made clear? The PBS site offers a transcript of its documentary. How is its perspective different from the Time approach?

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