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Exercise 5-2.3
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Writing an Obituary > An advance obituary


How is it that newspapers always seem to have lengthy packages prepared for print whenever a public figure dies? They prepare obituaries in advance, leaving temporarily blank the circumstances surrounding the death. Using information you find on the Internet, prepare an advance obit for one of the following:

Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and U.S. presidential nominee
George Foreman, boxer
Amy Tan, author
Kathleen Blanco, governor of Louisiana
Ross Perot, businessman and U.S. presidential candidate
Eminem, rapper
Madonna, pop star
Bill Cosby, comedian
George Soros, philanthropist
Bill Clinton, former U.S. president
George W. Bush, U.S. president
Madeleine Albright, former U.S. secretary of state
Ray Horn, tiger trainer
Kay Bailey Hutchinson, U.S. senator from Texas
George Takei, actor
Rigoberta Menchu, Nobel Peace Prize winner
Spike Lee, filmmaker
Toni Morrison, author
Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
Akira Kurosawa, filmmaker
Oprah Winfrey, talk-show host
Yo Yo Ma, cellist
Keanu Reeves, actor
Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo
Tenzin Gyatso, Dalai Lama

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