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Distinguishing Between General and Specific Information

Compare the two statements and choose the number that best describes them.

      1. Statement a is more general than statement b.
      2. Statement b is more general than statement a.
      3. The statements are equally general or specific.


a. Political leaders must be good listeners as well as effective public speakers.
b. There are two important skills that political leaders must have.

a. Margaret Thatcher was one of the most successful politicians of the twentieth century.
b. Margaret Thatcher, also known as the "iron lady," was an extremely effective voice of the British conservative party.

a. Reading biographies of famous people can give you ideas about solving your own problems.
b. We can learn a lot by reading about the lives of others.

a. All the presidents of the United States have been men.
b. No woman has ever been president of the United States.

a. Sam Walton created a corporation that reflected his personal philosophy.
b. The Wal-Mart corporation is still true to its founder's ideal of offering its employees the opportunity to share profits.

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