Puntos de partida 8/e
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Puntos de partida: An Invitation to Spanish, 8/e

Marty Knorre
Thalia Dorwick
Ana María Pérez-Gironés, Wesleyan University
William R. Glass
Hildebrando Villarreal, California State University, Los Angeles

ISBN: 0073534420
Copyright year: 2009

Feature Summary

Some of the proven hallmarks of Puntos de partida include:
  • An abundance of classroom-tested practice material, ranging from form-focused exercises to communicative activities that promote real conversation
  • Vocabulary, grammar and culture that work together as interactive units, unifying this important aspect of language learning
  • An emphasis on the meaningful use of Spanish
  • A positive portrayal of contemporary Hispanic cultures, carefully integrated into the chapter theme and activities
  • Print and media supplements that are carefully coordinated with the core text
  • Flow of presentations and activities within the chapter keeps students on task and focused. Activities do not break over the front and back of pages, thus eliminating the need for students and instructors to “flip” pages while completing activities.
  • Sentence-formation and cloze passage activities are use special shading and color that highlight key elements of the activity and keeps students focused on the tasks they are performing.
  • Student-friendly grammar presentations: Paradigms and charts within grammar presentations use colored text that directs students’ attention to key aspects of the grammar point, such as spelling changes in stem-changing verbs and agreement of adjectives.
  • Autoprueba quizzes allow students to do quick self-assessments of their understanding of key grammar points in every chapter, before they begin the exercises and activities.
  • A grammar checklist in the En resumen section at the end of every chapter offers a quick review of the major grammar topics in the chapter, helping ensure that students have a comfortable understanding before moving on to the next chapter.

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