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Downloadable Video
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These videos are designed to be played on your laptop, iPod™ or any portable media player capable of handling MV4 files. More information on downloading and viewing these videos is located further down on the page.

Capítulo 11: Charla con Yolanda (23756.0K)
Capítulo 11: Gente: Hablan los hispanos (21661.0K)

How to import the videos into iTunes™

  1. Please make sure the latest version of iTunes™ is installed on your computer before proceeding. You can download iTunes™ for free from Apple's website at
  2. Click on one of the video links given above on this page to download it to your hard drive. NOTE: Each video has been compressed as a zip file to decrease the filesize.
  3. Unzip the video file using decompression software such as Winzip for Windows users and StuffIt Expander for Mac users.
  4. Double-click on the M4V file for the video. It will automatically open iTunes, import the video into the Movies folder, and begin playing immediately.

How to transfer the videos to your video-capable iPod™

  1. Follow the steps above to import your videos into iTunes™.
  2. Connect your iPod™ to your computer.
  3. When your iPod™ appears in iTunes™ (under Devices), click on it to select it.
  4. If "Manually Manage Music" is not selected as an option, your iPod™ will automatically update itself when first connected to your computer and just before it is ejected.
    1. You can also manually sync video content by selecting the Movies folder on the iPod™ (under Devices) and clicking on the Sync button.
  5. If "Manually Manage Music" is selected as an option, you can highlight the videos in the Movies folder in iTunes™ (under Library) and drag them to your iPod.

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