Ethics for Life
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Ethics for Life: A Text with Readings, 6/e

Judith A. Boss, Brown University

ISBN: 0078038332
Copyright year: 2014


Hallmark Features:
  • Contains exercises and examples throughout the text that incorporates expanded coverage of contemporary issues such as same-sex marriage, the use of torture, the 2008 presidential election, internet cheating, domestic violence, reparations for slavery, federal bailouts, terrorism, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Utilizes a Developmental Pedagogy in which a progressive approach is taken, that has shown to have a higher success rate than more traditional approaches.

  • Text is based on the latest research on how to enhance moral development in college students.

New Features:
  • Includes new self-evaluation questionnaires which allow students to determine their level of moral thinking and to monitor their progress.

  • New Connections boxes in margins help students think about what they are reading in relation to topics elsewhere in the book.

  • Added a new section on the basic thought behind Ethical Subjectivism.

  • Added a chapter devoted to Divine Command Theory and Civil Religion as well as a chapter devoted to Natural Law Theory.


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