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Microscopy Links

Cells Alive
Click on cell gallery to see images of various types of cells. Click on "dynamics of bacterial growth" under Staphylococcus aureus to learn more about bacterial growth.
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Human Histology Database
This site allows you to view organs of the human body much as they would appear in a laboratory setting. Click on artery and vein. Which one do you think is the artery? Why?
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Buckman Laboratories
This site, sponsored by Buckman Laboratories, offers photomicrographs of different fungi. Choose several different fungi to view. Why are some fungi samples stained? Write the magnification for each sample in a table in your Science Journal.
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Dennis Kunkel, Microscopy Inc.
Dennis Kunkel provides color enhanced SEM images of fungi, molds, insects, arachnids, and plants. Click on "Education Site" and choose "Most Wanted Bugs" from the table. Which bug otherwise known as "Grinder" is wanted for causing serious damage to wooden structures? Go back and search the image library for more interesting photos taken through the microscope.
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