Bon Voyage! Level 1A

Chapter 5: Au cafĂ© et au restaurant


On va au restaurant à Paris!

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  • Familiarize students with restaurants in different price ranges in Paris
  • Reinforce knowledge of Paris arrondissements

  • You may wish to brainstorm with students keywords in French that will help direct them to French-language Web sites to complete this WebQuest.
  • In the Chapter 4 WebQuest activity, students were asked to find an apartment or house in Paris to rent or buy. In this chapter they have to find restaurants in "their" neighborhood. If your students did not do the Chapter 4 WebQuest, assign an arrondissement to them or have them use the Internet to explore and then choose an arrondissement.
  • Advise students that they may occasionally have to go beyond the first screen of each establishment to find the restaurant information they need.


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