Bon Voyage! Level 1A

Chapter 6: La nourriture et les courses


Les fromages français

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  • Familiarize students with different regions of France

  • Reinforce food vocabulary

  • Discuss French cultural ideas about food and cheese

  • You may wish to brainstorm with students keywords in French that will help direct them to French-language Web sites to complete this WebQuest.

  • Explain to students that la pâte refers to the actual substance or texture of the cheese. Le fromage à pâte cuite is cheese that has been heated, and le fromage à pâte molle is soft cheese. Another useful vocabulary word is croûte(crust).

  • Advise students that they will not know all of the words on the Web sites they may explore. Students should concentrate on looking for cognates and words they know.


  • Have students research and prepare a recipe that features French cheese. They can do this alone or in groups, in or out of class.
  • Bring in some French cheeses, or have students bring them in, and label on a map where the cheeses are from.


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