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Interactive Whiteboard Toolkit

The Interactive Whiteboard Toolkit offers three types of activities that teachers can use to reinforce and supplement skills, concepts, knowledge, and objectives featured in Glencoe Health © 2011. These activities are compatible with both the SMART Notebook and Promethean ActivInspire platforms.

This toolkit allows teachers to help students become further engaged with the Glencoe Health © 2011 curriculum through the use of an interactive whiteboard in the classroom. The activities are student-driven, with the teacher serving primarily as a facilitator. They include a game-show-type question-and-answer session, a "decision tree" exercise, and a Health Triangle activity.

Interactive Whiteboard Activity Directions (36.0K)

Health Triangle
Unit 1, Chapter 1, "Understanding Health and Wellness"
Unit 6, Chapter 18, "The Life Cycle Continues"

Decision Tree
Unit 2, Chapter 4, "Managing Stress and Coping with Loss"
Unit 7, Chapters 19 and 22, "Drugs"
Unit 7, Chapter 20, "Tobacco"
Unit 7, Chapter 21, "Alcohol"

Unit 3, Chapter 9, "Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence"
Unit 4, Chapter 10-11, "Nutrition and Physical Activity"
Unit 4, Chapter 12, "Physical Activity and Fitness"
Unit 5, Chapter 15, "Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Digestive Systems"
Unit 9, Chapter 26, "Safety and Injury Prevention"
Unit 9, Chapter 27, "First Aid and Emergencies"
Unit 9, Chapter 28, "Community and Environmental Health"

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