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Communication Theories
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Communication Theories: Perspectives, Processes, and Contexts

Katherine Miller, Texas A & M University
Miller: Communication Theories Book Cover


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Chapter 1: Conceptual Foundations: What Is Communication?
Chapter 2: Philosophical Foundations: What Is Theory?
Chapter 3: Post-Positivist Approaches to Theory Development
Chapter 4: Interpretive Approaches to Theory Development
Chapter 5: Critical Approaches to Theory Development
Chapter 6: Theories of Symbolic Organization
Chapter 7: Theories of Message Production
Chapter 8: Theories of Message Processing
Chapter 9: Theories of Discourse and Interaction
Chapter 10: Theories of Communication in Developing Relationships
Chapter 11: Theories of Communication in Developed Relationships
Chapter 12: Theories of Organizational Communication
Chapter 13: Theories of Small Group Communication
Chapter 14: Theories of Media Processing and Effects
Chapter 15: Theories of Media and Society
Chapter 16: Theories of Intercultural Contexts
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