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Model Documents
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Routine Messages

Congratulatory Note

Informative Email

Informative Memo

Summary of Conversation Email

Thank You Email

Thank You Letter

Transmittal Email

Transmittal Letter

Negative Messages

Negative Email to Peers

Negative Letter to Subordinates

Negative Memo to Superiors

Persuasive Messages

Collection Notice Letter

Direct Request Letter

Performance Appraisal Letter

Problem Solving Email

Problem Solving Letter

Problem Solving Memo




Analytical Report Tourism

Analytical Report (retail)

Business Plan Proposal

Chronological Progress Report

Feasibility Report on Fund Raiser

Feasibility Report on Sports Clinic

Formal Report Nurse Recruitment

Formal Report University Transportation

Funding Proposal

Recommendation Progress Report

Sales Proposal Letter

Task Progress Report

Employment Communications

Cover Letter Accounting Graduate

Cover Letter IT

Cover Letter Teaching

Resume Accounting Graduate

Resume IT

Resume Teaching

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