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Self-Assessment: What are your transformational leadership tendencies?
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Activity: What are your transformational leadership tendencies?

The source of this scale is: items written by the author as well as items adapted from P. M. Podsakoff, S. B. MacKenzie, R. H. Moorman, and R. Fetter. "Transformational leader behaviours and their effects on followers’ trust in leader, satisfaction, and organizational citizenship behaviours." Leadership Quarterly 1, no. 2 (1990): 107-142.

There are several perspectives and models of leadership. Probably the most respected among these perspectives is transformational leadership, which is about transforming the social unit (department, organization, society) to a new and better set of behaviours and practices. Transformational leadership has several dimensions representing specific types of behaviour.

This self-assessment estimates your transformational leadership. Read these 12 statements and indicate how accurately each statement describes you most of the time. These statements refer to leadership in organizational settings. If you are currently a student, think about these statements in terms of how you lead others in project teams and other social settings. Also, remember that people engage in leadership even when they do not hold formal leadership positions.

I use language that inspires others to achieve the team’s/firm’s vision.
I lead by example.
I guide my team/firm with a desirable vision.
I challenge people to think about old problems in new ways.
I lead by "doing," rather than simply by "telling."
I get staff to examine work activities they have not questioned before.
I communicate goals in a way that builds enthusiasm.
I champion a vision of where my team/firm should be heading.
I am a good role model for staff to follow.
I ask questions that evoke better ideas from staff.
I convey optimism to others when discussing their work objectives.
I develop an appealing vision for my team/work unit’s future.

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