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Copyright year: 2021

APR Connect Assignment Resources

Helpful information for Instructors

This document was designed for instructors assigning APR Assignment in their Connect courses.

APR Assignment: Instructor How to Guide UPDATED JUNE 2022 (3893.0K)

APR Assignment Transfer

Watch this video to learn how to transfer an APR Assignment using the assignment ID. This feature will allow users to move APR Assignments from an old edition to new edition (i.e., Seeley 12e to Seeley 13e) or from one Connect® course to a different course (i.e., Saladin A&P to McKinley A&P).

Please note: If you are trying to move APR Assignments to a new section for the following semester (i.e., Saladin A&P 9e), you will use the copy/share function in Connect.

Use the help videos below to create an assignment, take the assignment as a student, and view Quiz options.

How Instructors Create an APR Assignment:

Available Quiz Options for an Instructor:

How Instructors Use My Course Content Code to Create an APR Assignment Create:

Taking the APR Assignment as a Student:

Student View Post-Submission of an APR Assignment:

Helpful Information for Students

This document was designed for instructors assigning APR Assignments in their course to share with students.

Student Information for APR Assignment UPDATED JUNE 2022 (1068.0K)

APR Release Updates

The documents below note the updates to APR Connect assignment functionality and APR content.

APR Release Update JUNE 21.2022 (1380.0K)

APR Release Update MAR 16.2022 (992.0K)

APR Release Update JAN 13.2022 (1157.0K)

APR Release Update OCT 22.2021 (1077.0K)

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