The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 13: The Federal Bureaucracy: Administering the Government

Chapter Outline

  1. Origin and Structure of the Federal Bureaucracy
    1. Types of Federal Agencies
    2. Federal Employment
  2. The Budgetary Process
    1. The President and Agency Budgets
    2. Congress and the Agency Budgets
  3. Policy and Power in the Bureaucracy
    1. The Agency Point of View
    2. Sources of Bureaucratic Power
      1. The Power of Expertise
      2. The Power of Clientele Groups
      3. The Power of Friends in High Places
  4. Democracy and Bureaucratic Accountability
    1. Accountability through the Presidency
      1. Reorganization
      2. Presidential Appointments
      3. OMB: Budgets, Regulations, and Legislative Proposals
    2. Accountability through Congress
    3. Accountability through the Courts
    4. Accountability within the Bureaucracy Itself
    5. Senior Executive Service
    6. Administrative Law Judges
    7. Whistleblowing
    8. Demographic Representativeness
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