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Multiple Choice Quiz
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A disadvantage of housing files in boxes is that they
A)require more floor space.
B)do not remain in one location and are easily misplaced.
C)are often long, sometimes extending the full length and height of a wall.
D)are unable to be moved.

Files of patients who have died, have moved away, or for some other reason no longer consult the office are called

Which of the following are used when there is a need to distinguish files within a filing system?
A)out guides
B)file guides
C)color coding
D)file sorters

A retention schedule details
A)the way a patient record is created, filed, and maintained.
B)the order in which a patient record is kept.
C)any activity that needs to be scheduled ahead of time.
D)when files should be moved to a storage area and how long they should be kept

Which of the following is a safety issue with a vertical file cabinet?
A)opening more than one drawer at the same time may cause it to fall forward
B)using a ladder to reach files may result in a fall
C)any open drawer may be tripped over
D)it is not possible to be locked

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 states that doctors must keep all immunization records
A)for 6 months.
B)on computer disks or microfilm.
C)for 5 years.
D)permanently in the office.

A numeric filing system
A)is not used when patient confidentiality is especially important.
B)organizes records according to the patient's last name.
C)may include numbers that indicate where in the filing system a file can be found.
D)is the only practical system for a large practice.

An advantage of storing files as paper files is
A)to provide evidence of medical treatment in a legal proceeding.
B)they require very little space to store.
C)they never need to be copied.
D)it eliminates the need for a computer system that can transfer documents.

The filing systems used when the patients' names are kept confidential is

An advantage of this filing system is that it allows several people to retrieve and return files at one time.
A)filing cabinets
B)tubs or boxes
C)filing shelves
D)rotary circular

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