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collision fragment  A satellite that probably is a fragment of a larger satellite broken apart by a collision with a meteoroid.
corona  (A) The outermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere. Gases in the corona are tenuous and hot. (B) A circular feature on the surface of Venus. Coronae appear to be collapsed volcanic domes and can be as much as several hundred kilometers across. (C) A type of surface feature of Uranus’s satellite Miranda. Coronae consist of parallel ridges and troughs producing a striped appearance. Coronaehave sharp boundaries.
plume  A rising column of gas over a hot region in the interior or atmosphere of a body.
regular satellite  Regularly spaced satellites with nearly circular orbits that form miniature "solar systems" about their parent planets.
tidal heating  The frictional heating of the interior of a satellite as it is flexed and released by a variable tidal force due to its parent planet.

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