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Figure-Based Questions


Suppose a gas contains a mixture of the elements hydrogen and helium as shown in Figure 7.1. What fraction of the mass of the gas would be due to the helium atoms it contains?

Use Figure 7.4 to find the pressure at an altitude of 20 km.

Use Figure 7.6 to estimate the relative amounts of infrared radiation emitted by blackbodies of 7500 K, 6000 K, and 4500 K.

Suppose there were a planet between Mars and Jupiter at a distance of 4 AU from the Sun. Use Figure 7.8 to estimate the temperature of the planet.

Use Figure 7.11 to find the isotope with the greatest heat production (a) 4.5 billion years ago, and (b) 2 billion years ago.

Use Figure 7.12 to compare the accretional energy per kg for the Earth and for Mars. What implications might this comparison have for the early histories of the Earth and Mars?

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