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Lewis Life 4e
Life, 4/e
Ricki Lewis, University of New York at Albany
Mariƫlle Hoefnagels, University of Oklahoma
Douglas Gaffin, University of Oklahoma
Bruce Parker, Utah Valley State College

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Chapter 1: What is Life?
Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life
Chapter 3: Cells
Chapter 4: The Cell Membrane, Cytoskeleton, and Cell-Cell Interactions
Chapter 5: The Energy of Life
Chapter 6: Photosynthesis
Chapter 7: How Cells Release Energy
Chapter 8: The Cell Cycle
Chapter 9: Meiosis
Chapter 10: How Inherited Traits are Transmitted
Chapter 11: Chromosomes
Chapter 12: DNA Structure and Replication
Chapter 13: Gene Function
Chapter 14: The Evolution of Evolutionary Thought
Chapter 15: The Forces of Evolutionary Change--Microevolution
Chapter 16: Speciation and Extinction
Chapter 17: Evidence for Evolution
Chapter 18: The Origin and History of Life
Chapter 19: Viruses and Simple Infectious Agents
Chapter 20: Bacteria and Archaea
Chapter 21: Protista
Chapter 22: Plantae
Chapter 23: Fungi
Chapter 24: Animalia I--Sponges Through Echinoderms
Chapter 25: Animalia II--The Chordates
Chapter 26: Plant Form and Function
Chapter 27: Transport Systems in Plants
Chapter 28: Reproduction of Flowering Plants
Chapter 29: Plant Responses to Stimuli
Chapter 30: Animal Tissues and Organ Systems
Chapter 31: The Nervous System
Chapter 32: The Senses
Chapter 33: The Endocrine System
Chapter 34: The Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 35: The Circulatory System
Chapter 36: The Respiratory System
Chapter 37: Digestion and Nutrition
Chapter 38: Regulation of Temperature and Body Fluids
Chapter 39: The Immune System
Chapter 40: Human Reproduction and Development
Chapter 41: Animal Behavior
Chapter 42: Populations
Chapter 43: Communities and Ecosystems
Chapter 44: Biomes and Aquatic Ecosystems
Chapter 45: Environmental Challenges