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International Marketing

JUSTIN PAUL, Nagoya Univ. of Commerce & Business, Japan
RAMNEEK KAPOOR, Sr.Gen Manager, Marketing, Metro Tyres Ltd, Indore

ISBN: 0070635889
Copyright year: 2008

Book Preface

International Marketing became an important area of specialisation in the 1990s. With the kind of interest this subject was attracting, a well written textbook, comprehensively covering all the aspects of international marketing was required. We have tried to fulfill this requirement through International Marketing: Text and Cases. This book is unique in terms of pedagogical features, templates that integrate topics such as business environmental factors into marketing functions in the global context.

Although this text undoubtedly has more case studies and examples from India, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Japan, efforts have been made to give equal treatment to all regions and countries, so that it proves to be useful to everyone across all borders.

This book is distinguished by the unique approach that it takes while dealing with the subject. While the usual approach is to treat international marketing as a series of loosely related topics, this book the topics revolve around international marketing functions, channels and practices. We have included boxed exhibits and figures across the chapters. In contrast with other books, the case studies are written from real life perspectives. They have been included at the end of important chapters as well as at the end of the book.

There is also a companion website of this book which has instructor resources containing powerpoint slides.

With the process of globalisation gathering momentum, understanding the world and international marketing has become an imperative for survival and success for all the companies in all nations.

The case studies included in this book are written not to indicate effective or ineffective handling of situation by the management, but for academic use in classrooms. The responsibility for errors is ultimately ours.

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