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Antennas for All Applications, 4/e

JOHN D. KRAUS, Ohio State University
RONALD J. MARHEFKA, Ohio State University

ISBN: 0070671559
Copyright year: 2010

Salient Features

The hallmark text, often referred as “Antenna Bible”, in its fourth edition now also covers the fundamentals of wave propagation. With this new content, the book has taken an entirely new shape and promises to be one stop solution on the subject for the user.

Salient Features :

  • New chapters on Radiation , Microstrip Antenna, Wave Propagation Basics Ground Wave Propagation, Space Wave Propagation, and Sky Wave Propagation

  • In-depth coverage of different antennas like Helical, Reflector, Broadband and Frequency Antenna, Loop, Slot , and Patch and Horn Antenna

  • More than 1200 illustrations including real life photographs of antennas and other equipments

  • Rich pedagogy :
  • * 130 Solved examples, * 340 Practice questions, * 100 Objective-type questions.
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