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Antennas for All Applications, 4/e

JOHN D. KRAUS, Ohio State University
RONALD J. MARHEFKA, Ohio State University

ISBN: 0070671559
Copyright year: 2010

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Antenna Basics

3. The Antenna Family

4. Radiation

5. Point Sources and Their Arrays

6. Electric Dipoles, Thin Linear Antennas and Arrays of Dipoles and Apertures

7. Loop, Slot and Horn Antennas

8. Helical Antennas

9. Reflector Antennas

10. Lens Antennas

11. Broadband and Frequency-Independent Antennas

12. The Cylindrical Antenna and the Moment Method (MM)

13. Frequency-Selective Surfaces and Periodic Structures

14. Microstrip Antennas

15. Antennas for Special Applications

16. Practical Design Considerations of Large Aperture Antennas

17. Antenna Temperature, Remote Sensing and Radar Cross Section

18. Self and Mutual Impedances

19. The Fourier Transform Relation between Aperture Distribution and Far-Field Pattern

20. Baluns, etc.

21. Antenna Measurements

22. Basics of Wave Propagation

23. Ground Wave Propagation

24. Space Wave Propagation

25. Sky Wave Propagation


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