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Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, 5/e
Max S. Peters, University of Colorado
Klaus Timmerhaus, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ronald E. West, University of Colorado, Boulder

Materials-Handling Equipment - Design and Costs

Chapter Outline

C H A P T E R 12

Basic Concepts of Fluid Transport
         Newtonian Fluids
         Non-Newtonian and Bingham Fluids
         Vacuum Flow
         Frictional Losses Encountered in Pipelines
         Power Requirements for Transport of Liquids and Gases

Piping in Fluid Transport Processes
         Selection of Piping Materials
         Design of Piping Systems
         Costs for Piping and Piping System Auxiliaries

Pumping of Fluids
         Selection of Pumps
         Design Procedures for Pumps
         Costs for Pumps and Motors

Compression and Expansion of Fluids
         Selection of Compressors
         Selection of Fans and Blowers
         Selection of Vacuum System Equipment
         Selection of Turbines, Expanders, and Other Drivers
         Design Procedures for Compressors
         Design Procedures for Turbines and Expanders
         Costs for Compressors, Fans, Blowers, and Expanders

Agitation and Mixing of Fluids
         Selection of Agitators and Mixers
         Design Procedures for Agitators and Mixers
         Costs for Agitators and Mixers

Flow Measurement of Fluids

Storage and Containment of Fluids
         Design Procedures for Pressure Vessels
         Costs for Tanks, Pressure Vessels, and Storage Equipment

Transport of Solids
         Selection of Solids Transport Equipment
         General Design Procedures for Solids Transport Equipment
         Costs for Solids Transport Equipment

Handling of Solids
         Selection of Solids-Handling Equipment
         General Design Procedures for Solids-Handling Equipment
         Costs for Solids-Handling Equipment

         Greek Symbols