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Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, 5/e
Max S. Peters, University of Colorado
Klaus Timmerhaus, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ronald E. West, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: General Design Considerations
Chapter 3: Process Design Development
Chapter 4: Flowsheet Synthesis and Development
Chapter 5: Software Use in Process Design
Chapter 6: Analysis of Cost Estimation
Chapter 7: Interest, Time Value of Money, Taxes, and Fixed Charges
Chapter 8: Profitability, Alternative Investments, and Replacements
Chapter 9: Optimum Design and Design Strategy
Chapter 10: Materials and Fabrication Selection
Chapter 11: Written and Oral Reports
Chapter 12: Materials-Handling Equipment - Design and Costs
Chapter 13: Reactor Equipment - Design and Costs
Chapter 14: Heat-Transfer Equipment - Design and Costs
Chapter 15: Separation Equipment - Design and Costs