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Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, 5/e
Max S. Peters, University of Colorado
Klaus Timmerhaus, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ronald E. West, University of Colorado, Boulder

Software Use in Process Design

Chapter Outline

C H A P T E R 5

Software Structure
         Chemical Property Estimation
         Process Equipment Models
         Process Equipment Cost Estimation
         Process Economic Evaluation
         Heat Integration
         Process Control
         Process Optimization

Software Capabilities
         General-Type Software

Software for Process Design
         Molecular Reaction Databases and Simulators
         Chemical Cost Databases
         Flowsheeting Software
         Unit Operations Simulators
         Piping System Design
         Plant Layout
         Economic Evaluation

Software Selection

Software Use
         Physical Property Estimation Guidelines
         Process Simulation Guidelines

Avoiding Pitfalls in Software Use
         Graphic Interface and Ease of Use
         Thermodynamic Property Packages
         Simulation Realism

Evaluation of Software Results