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Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, 5/e
Max S. Peters, University of Colorado
Klaus Timmerhaus, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ronald E. West, University of Colorado, Boulder

Heat-Transfer Equipment - Design and Costs

Chapter Outline

C H A P T E R 14

Basic Theory of Heat Transfer in Exchangers
         Steady-State Heat-Transfer Considerations
         Alternative Approaches to Heat Exchanger Performance

Determination of Heat-Transfer Coefficients
         Film Coefficients for Fluids Flowing Inside of Pipes and Tubes (No Phase Change)
         Film Coefficients for Fluids Flowing Outside of Pipes and Tubes (No Phase Change)
         Film Coefficients and Overall Coefficients for Various Heat-Transfer Situations

Determination of Pressure Drop in Heat Exchangers
         Tube-Side Pressure Drop
         Shell-Side Pressure Drop

Selection of Heat Exchanger Type
         Key Heat Exchanger Types Available
         Preliminary Selection of Heat Exchanger Types
         Costs of Heat Exchangers

Design of Key Heat Exchanger Types
         Double-Pipe and Multiple Double-Pipe Exchangers
         Shell-and-Tube Exchangers
         Plate Exchangers
         Compact Exchangers
         Air-Cooled Exchangers

Optimum Design of Heat Exchangers
         General Case

General Methods for Design of Heat Exchangers

         Greek Symbols