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Microbiology, 6/e

Lansing M Prescott, Augustana College
John P Harley, Eastern Kentucky University
Donald A Klein, Colorado State University

ISBN: 0072556781
Copyright year: 2005


The authors wish to thank the reviewers, who provided detailed criticism and analysis. Their suggestions greatly improved the final product.

Reviewers for the Sixth Edition
Philip Achey, University of Florida
Susan Bagley, Michigan Technological University
Matthew Buechner, University of Kansas
Georganne Buescher, Thomas Jefferson University
Richard Ellis, Bucknell University
Harvey Friedman, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Bernard Frye, University of Texas, Arlington
Donald Glassman, Des Moines Area Community College
Tina Henkin, Ohio State University
Joan Henson, Montana State University
Judith Kandel, California State University-Fullerton
William A. Kuziel, University of Texas
Donald Lehman, University of Delaware
Elizabeth Machunis-Masouka, University of Virginia
Mark Maloney, Spelman College
Tamara Marsh, Elmhurst College
William McCleary, Brigham Young University
Kathleen McGuire, San Diego State University
Ruslan Medzhitov, Yale University
Rita Moyes, Texas A&M University
Michelle Nishiguchi, New Mexico State University
Saxena Pratibha, University of Texas-Austin
Sabine Rech, San Jose State University
Joanne Roehrs, Owens Community College
Wendy Schluchter, University of New Orleans
Richard Shippee, Vincennes University
Alan Spindler, Brevard Community College
Erica Suchman, Colorado State University
Marcello Tolmaskey, California State University-Fullerton
Jennifer Turco, Valdosta State University
Ruth Wrightsman, University of California-Irvine
Anne Zayaitz, Kutztown University
Lori Zeringue, Louisiana State University

Reviewers for the Fifth Edition
Stephen Aley, University of Texas at El Paso
Susan Bagley, Michigan Technological University
Robert Benoit, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Dennis Bazylinski, Iowa State University
Richard Bernstein, San Francisco State University
Paul Blum, University of Nebraska
Matthew Buechner, University of Kansas
Mary Burke, Oregon State University
James Champine, Southeast Missouri State University
John Clausz, Carroll College
James Cooper, University of California at Santa Barbara
Daniel DiMaio, Yale University
Leanne Field, University of Texas
Philip Johnson, Grande Prairie Regional College
Duncan Krause, University of Georgia
Diane Lavett, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ed Leadbetter, University of Connecticut
Donald Lehman, University of Delaware
Mark Maloney, Spelman College
Maura Meade-Callahan, Allegheny College
Ruslan Medzhitov, Yale University School of Medicine
Al Mikell, University of Mississippi
Craig Moyer, Western Washington University
Rita Moyes, Texas A&M University
David Mullin, Tulane University
Richard Myers, Southwest Missouri State University
Anthony Newsome, Middle Tennessee State University
Wade Nichols, Illinois State University
Ronald Porter, Pennsylvania State University
Sabine Rech, San Jose State University
Anna-Louise Reysenbach, Portland State University
Thomas Schmidt, Michigan State University
Linda Sherwood, Montana State University
Michele Shuster, University of Pittsburgh
Joan Slonczewski, Kenyon College
Daniel Smith, Seattle University
Kathleen C. Smith, Emory University
James Snyder, University of Louisville School of Medicine
William Staddon, Eastern Kentucky University
John Stolz, DuQuesne University
Thomas Terry, University of Connecticut
James VandenBosch, Eastern Michigan University

Reviewers for the Third and Fourth Editions
Laurie A. Achenbach, Southern Illinois University
Gary Armour, MacMurray College
Russell C. Baskett, Germanna Community College
George N. Bennett, Rice University
Prakash H. Bhuta, Eastern Washington University
James L. Botsford, New Mexico State University
Alfred E. Brown, Auburn University
Mary Burke, Oregon State University
David P. Clark, Southern Illinois University
William H. Coleman, University of Hartford
Donald C. Cox, Miami University
Phillip Cunningham, Wayne State University
Richard P. Cunningham, SUNY at Albany
James Daly, Purchase College-SUNY
Frank B. Dazzo, Michigan State University
Valdis A. Dzelzkalns, Case Western Reserve University
Richard J. Ellis, Bucknell University
Merrill Emmett, University of Colorado at Denver
Linda E. Fisher, University of Michigan-Dearborn
John Fitzgerald, University of Georgia
Harold F. Foerster, Sam Houston State University
B. G. Foster, Texas A&M University
Bernard Frye, University of Texas at Arlington
Katharine B. Gregg, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Eileen Gregory, Rollins College
Van H. Grosse, Columbus College-Georgia
Maria A. Guerrero, Florida International University
Robert Gunsalus, UCLA
Barbara B. Hemmingsen, San Diego State University
Joan Henson, Montana State University
William G. Hixon, St. Ambrose University
John G. Holt, Michigan State University
Ronald E. Hurlbert, Washington State University
Robert J. Kearns, University of Dayton
Henry Keil, Brunel University
Tim Knight, Oachita Baptist University
Robert Krasner, Providence College
Michael J. Lemke, Kent State University
Lynn O. Lewis, Mary Washington College
B. T. Lingappa, College of the Holy Cross
Vicky McKinley, Roosevelt University
Billie Jo Mello, Mount Marty College
James E. Miller, Delaware Valley College
David A. Mullin, Tulane University
Penelope J. Padgett, Shippensburg University
Richard A. Patrick, Summit Editorial Group
Bobbie Pettriess, Wichita State University
Thomas Punnett, Temple University
Jo Anne Quinlivan, Holy Names College
K. J. Reddy, SUNY-Binghamton
David C. Reff, Middle Georgia College
Jackie S. Reynolds, Richland College
Deborah Rochefort, Shepherd College
Allen C. Rogerson, St. Lawrence University
Michael J. San Francisco, Texas Tech University
Phillip Scheverman, East Tennessee University
Michael Shiaris, University of Massachusetts at Boston
Carl Sillman, Penn State University
Ann C. Smith, University of Maryland
David W. Smith, University of Delaware
Garriet W. Smith, University of South Carolina at Aiken
John Stolz, Duquesne University
Mary L. Taylor, Portland State University
Thomas M. Terry, University of Connecticut
Thomas M. Walker, University of Central Arkansas
Patrick M. Weir, Felician College
Jill M. Williams, University of Glamorgan
Heman Witmer, University of Illinois at Chicago
Elizabeth D. Wolfinger, Meredith College
Robert Zdor, Andrews University

Reviewers for the First and Second Editions
Richard J. Alperin, Community College of Philadelphia
Susan T. Bagley, Michigan Technological University
Dwight Baker, Yale University
R. A. Bender, University of Michigan
Hans P. Blaschek, University of Illinois
Dennis Bryant, University of Illinois
Douglas E. Caldwell, University of Saskatchewan
Arnold L. Demain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A. S. Dhaliwal, Loyola University of Chicago
Donald P. Durand, Iowa State University
John Hare, Linfield College
Robert B. Helling, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Barbara Bruff Hemmingsen, San Diego State University
R. D. Hinsdill, University of Wisconsin-Madison
John G. Holt, Michigan State University
Robert L. Jones, Colorado State University
Martha M. Kory, University of Akron
Robert I. Krasner, Providence College
Ron W. Leavitt, Brigham Young University
David Mardon, Eastern Kentucky University
Glendon R. Miller, Wichita State University
Richard L. Myers, Southwest Missouri State University
G. A. O'Donovan, North Texas State University
Pattle P. T. Pun, Wheaton College
Ralph J. Rascati, Kennesaw State College
Albert D. Robinson, SUNY-Potsdam
Ronald Wayne Roncadori, University of Georgia-Athens
Ivan Roth, University of Georgia-Athens
Thomas Santoro, SUNY-New Paltz
Ann C. Smith, University of Maryland-College Park
David W. Smith, University of Delaware
Paul Smith, University of South Dakota
James F. Steenbergen, San Diego State University
Henry O. Stone, Jr., East Carolina University
James E. Struble, North Dakota State University
Kathleen Talaro, Pasadena City College
Thomas M. Terry, The University of Connecticut
Michael J. Timmons, Moraine Valley Community College
John Tudor, St. Joseph's University
Robert Twarog, University of North Carolina
Blake Whitaker, Bates College
Oscar Will, Augustana College
Calvin Young, California State University-Fullerton

Publication of a textbook requires effort of many people besides the authors. We wish to express special appreciation to the editorial and production staffs of McGraw-Hill for their excellent work. In particular, we would like to thank Jean Fornango, our senior developmental editor, for her guidance, patience, prodding, and support. Our project manager, Jayne Klein, supervised production of this very complex project with commendable attention to detail. Beatrice Sussman, our copy editor for the second through fifth editions, once again corrected our errors in the sixth edition and contributed immensely to the text's clarity, consistency, and readability.

We wish to extend our appreciation to people who assisted us individually in completion of this project. Lansing Prescott wants to thank George M. Garrity, the editor-in-chief of Bergey's Manual, for his aid in the preparation of the fifth and sixth editions. Donald Klein wishes to acknowledge the aid of Jeffrey O. Dawson and Frank B. Dazzo.

Finally, but most importantly, we wish to extend appreciation to our families for their patience and encouragement, especially to our wives, Linda Prescott, Donna Dailey Harley, and Sandra Klein. To them, we dedicate this book.

Lansing M. Prescott
John P. Harley
Donald A. Klein

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