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Animation Quiz - Antiviral Activity of Interferon
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Review the animation and answer the questions that follow to test your understanding.

When interferon attaches to a cell
A)virus can not enter the cell
B)virus can enter the cell but can not replicate
C)virus can replicate within a cell but can not be released
D)viral replication takes place as usual
When interferon from one cell attaches to a second cell
A)the recipient cell makes enzymes that prevent cell metabolism
B)the second cell now makes interferon and saves itself
C)the recipient cell is able to kill bacteria
D)the recipient cell makes enzymes that degrade mRNA and prevent viral protein synthesis
A)is produced as a specific response to a specific virus
B)is produced by one cell and used to warn nearby cells of the same type
C)is able to save the cell that makes it
D)induces production of mRNA in the recipient cell
E)kills all bacteria nonspecifically
Interferon degrades mRNA and prevents synthesis of viral protein.
Interferon is produced by an animal cell that is infected by a bacterium.

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