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Learning Objectives
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  1. Identify and describe the major events of the three periods of prenatal development.
  2. List and explain the six principles that describe the effects of teratogens on prenatal development. Give an example of each.
  3. Know the most common prenatal influences on development. Discuss the effects of maternal diseases, drug use (therapeutic and non-therapeutic), maternal diet, emotional state, and age. Give an example of each.
  4. Know the stages of birth and various methods of childbirth, including complications that may arise.
  5. Describe methods of assessing the newborn.
  6. Describe short-term and long-term effects of prematurity and low birthweight. Identify interventions that have been used to assist these infants.
  7. Describe the continua of reproductive casualty and caretaking casualty and how they interact.

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