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List the six infant states proposed by Wolff (1966, 1987) and describe the infant behaviors that are associated with each state. Why is the concept of state important to our understanding of infancy?

If you were babysitting a newborn infant and she or he began to cry, describe three ways that you would try to soothe the baby using Korner’s (1972) suggestions. Also include how effective you would expect each method of soothing to be.

William James once suggested that the newborn’s world is a “blooming, buzzing confusion” due to their extremely limited sensory and perceptual capabilities. In light of current research on the sensory and perceptual capabilities of infants, do you agree or disagree with James’ statement? Support your views with research findings and include information regarding at least two senses.

Research with infants can be difficult because they cannot verbally describe what they are seeing, hearing, etc. Researchers have developed a number of creative ways of overcoming this problem. Describe two methods that researchers use to study infant perception.

Describe three types of learning that infants may engage in. For one of the three types you have chosen, cite research findings concerning the learning capabilities of infants.

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