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Learning Objectives
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  1. Explain the concept of infant states and be able to describe the various infant states, ranging from sleep to crying. Describe developmental changes in states and techniques used to soothe infants.
  2. Describe reflexes found in the neonate. Discuss the usefulness of the reflexes for the infant's interactions with the world and for assessing the infant's neurological capabilities.
  3. Describe the problems with assessing infants' sensory capacities and ways in which these problems have been overcome by innovative assessment methods.
  4. Give a brief description of the infant's perceptual capabilities in the areas of hearing, vision, taste, and smell. Give one research example that demonstrates each area.
  5. Describe intermodal perception and how it develops.
  6. Discuss basic learning processes that are present early in life (classical conditioning, operant conditioning, imitation). Include how each develops and give an example of each process.
  7. Describe the infant's memory capabilities and limitations.

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