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Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach, 6/e

Roger S Pressman, R.S. Pressman and Associates

ISBN: 0072853182
Copyright year: 2005

Table of Contents

   1 Software and Software Engineering

Part 1 The Software Process

   2 Process: A Generic View

   3 Prescriptive Process Models

   4 Agile Development

Part 2 Software Engineering Practice

   5 Practice: A Generic View

   6 System Engineering

   7 Requirements Engineering

   8 Analysis Modeling

   9 Design Engineering

   10 Architectural Design

   11 Component-Level Design

   12 User Interface Design

   13 Software Testing Strategies

   14 Software Testing Techniques

   15 Product Metrics for Software

Part 3 Applying Web Engineering

   16 Web Engineering

   17 Formulation and Planning for Web Engineering

   18 Analysis Modeling for Web Applications

   19 Design Modeling for Web Applications

   20 Testing Web Applications

Part 4 Managing Software Projects

   21 Project Management Concepts

   22 Process and Project Metrics

   23 Estimation for Software Projects

   24 Software Project Scheduling

   25 Risk Management

   26 Quality Management

   27 Change Management

Part 5 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering

   28 Formal Methods

   29 Cleanroom Software Engineering

   30 Component-Based Software Engineering

   31 Reengineering

   32 The Road Ahead

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