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Plants and Society, 3/e
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About the Authors

Estelle Levetin has been teaching various botany and biology courses at The University of Tulsa for 30 years. During this time, she has taught Plant Anatomy, Vascular Plants, Fungi and Algae, Plant Physiology, Cellular Biology and Environmental Microbiology. She has also taught a non-majors' Plants and Society course for over 20 years. Her research focuses on airborne allergens, including both fungal spores and pollen. She is particularly interested in the effects of environmental conditions on airborne pollen and spore levels. Her lab is also actively involved in pollen forecasting efforts. She has conducted numerous workshops on fungal allergens at national allergy meetings, and recently, has been involved in several projects studying fungal contaminants from indoor locations and on building materials. Estelle is a co-author of the recently released Laboratory Manual for Applied Botany.

Karen A. McMahon has taught in the faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Tulsa since 1981. Her teaching responsibilities have included courses such as Biological Diversity, Cellular Biology, Field Botany, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Environment and Humanity, and Biology of Populations. Her interests include developing courses for the non-science major and creating investigative laboratory exercises. She is also a co-author of the Laboratory Manual for Applied Botany. She has been an active member for several years of both ABLE (Association for Biology Laboratory Education) and HAPS (Human Anatomy and Physiology Society), organizations devoted to innovative teaching of biology at the college and university level.