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Thinking Scientifically
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  1. cDNA libraries contain only expressed sequences. Therefore, cDNA libraries produced from given cell type will contain genes unique to that cell. However, since there are some genes expressed in all cells, there will also be similarities in all cDNA libraries. How could a molecular biologist exploit cDNA libraries to more easily clone a complete copy of a liver-specific gene?
  2. There has been much popular interest in recreating extinct animals from DNA obtained from various types of fossils. However, such DNA is always badly degraded, consisting of extremely short pieces. Even if one hypothetically had 10 intact genes from a dinosaur, what would the obstacles be to using these genes in a scheme to create a dinosaur?
  3. Skin Cancer is much more common than brain cancer. Why might the frequency of cancer be related to rate of cell division in skin as opposed to rate of cell division in the brain? How might DNA sequencing help you test your hypothesis?

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