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Animation: Antigenic Determinants (Epitopes)
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View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

A)have molecular weights of around 1000
B)have one antigenic determinant (epitope).
C)are considered normal by the immune system
D)are made up of many antigenic determinants (epitopes)
E)are usually made of lipids

2Bacterial cells
A)have one identifiable antigen that binds antibody
B)have two epitopes per cell
C)have many different epitopes, which each bind to specific antibodies
D)have many different epitopes, which all bind to the same antibody
E)are not antigenic

3An individual antibody is made against
A)a whole bacterial cell
B)one epitope on the cell
C)one antigen on the cell
D)all of the combined antigenic determinants on a cell
E)the cell’s DNA

4Each antigen has one epitope.

5Many different antibodies can be made against a single antigen.

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