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Animation: T-Cell Dependent Antigens (Quiz 2)
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View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1Which of the following are needed for antibody production to occur with T cell dependent antigens?
A)antigen presenting cell
B)T helper cell
C)B cell
D)b and c
E)a, b, and c

2An antigen presenting cell presents antigen to a T helper cell
A)inside a vesicle
B)on its surface on a class I MHC
C)on its surface on a class II MHC
D)on its surface attached to an antibody

3A T helper cell becomes activated by a
A)plasma cell
B)antigen presenting cell
C)B cell
D)memory cell

4A T helper cell must become activated before it can stimulate a B cell to produce antibody.

5Protein is usually a T-cell dependent antigen.

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