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Animation: B Vitamins
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View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1What function do many B vitamins serve in the production of energy?
A)they function as enzymes
B)they function as co-enzymes
C)they function as energy sources
D)they function as hypoenzymes

2Enzymes assist in the occurrence of reactions by
A)lowering of activation energy.
B)raising of activation energy.
C)providing ATP.
D)using ATP.

3In the example shown, what co-enzyme is used to assist in the production of ATP from pyruvate?
A)green co-factor
B)carbon dioxide
C)thiamine pyrophosphate
D)an apoenzyme

4Consuming B vitamins in excess of need will
A)decrease formation of energy (ATP).
B)increase formation of energy (ATP).
C)increase rate of muscle formation.
D)increase B vitamins in urine.

5Which B vitamin is found in egg yolk (and other foods) and functions as part of Coenzyme A?
C)pantothenic acid

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