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Compound Sentences Exercise
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Review: A compound sentence consists of two independent clauses (equal sentences) joined by a coordinating conjunction. An independent clause makes sense by itself because it has a subject and a verb. That is, it could be a sentence all by itself. The coordinating conjunctions used to join the two independent clauses are the “FAN BOYS”: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. What's important is for you to find the two important thoughts in a compound sentence.


Print a copy of this exercise. Underline the two independent clauses in each of these compound sentences. Circle or box the coordinating conjunction that joins them.

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Each underlined part could be a sentence by itself. The coordinating conjunction so is used to join them into a single sentence.

1. The dangers of smoking are well known, yet many people continue to smoke anyway.

2. It's important to put your goals in writing, but you must also be committed to achieving them.

3. An assignment notebook helps you stay organized, so you should consider using one.

4. You will be able to see better if you sit at the front of the classroom, and you will also be able to hear better.

5. He must have lost his key, for he knocked on the door for us to let him in.


Directions: Use a coordinating conjunction to join each pair of the independent clauses into a compound sentence.



The dictionary contains definitions of words.

It also contains a great deal of other information.


The dictionary contains definitions of words, and it also contains a great deal of other information.


The dictionary contains definitions of words, but it also contains a great deal of other information



1. Spelling is hard for many people. There are techniques for improving spelling.


2. Tony is an excellent student. He received a scholarship.


3. The library is a quiet place to study. Many students prefer to study at home.


4. Some rivers are endangered. Many people are working to protect them.


5. Wear your seatbelt. You might be injured.



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