Vis-à-vis: Beginning French
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Vis-à-vis: Beginning French, 5/e

Evelyne Amon
Judith A. Muyskens, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Alice C. Omaggio Hadley, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

ISBN: 0073386448
Copyright year: 2011

Feature Summary

  • Vis-à-vis is easy to use! The sixteen chapters of Vis-à-vis are divided into four lessons, each easily located through a color-coded tabbing system. Vocabulary, grammar, cultural material, and skill-building activities are grouped into distinct and regular lessons for optimum ease of use.
  • The balanced four-skills approach facilitates student learning.
  • Each unit of four chapters focuses on a different French or Francophone character and region.
  • All print and media supplements are completely integrated with the textbook.

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