Vis-à-vis: Beginning French
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Vis-à-vis: Beginning French, 5/e

Evelyne Amon
Judith A. Muyskens, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Alice C. Omaggio Hadley, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

ISBN: 0073386448
Copyright year: 2011

New to the Fifth Edition

  • Each chapter now includes Le parler jeune feature boxes that introduce students to contemporary vocabulary.
  • For additional pronunciation practice, Prononcez bien! feature boxes now appear throughout the chapters.
  • New Pour s'amuser feature boxes add a whimsical quality to the Leçon 4 of each chapter.
  • Musical content is now incorporated into each chapter via a new La vie en chantant feature.
  • An iTunes playlist accompanies the La vie en chantant feature, making the music accessible to students and instructors.
  • Four Bienvenue video segments are new to this edition, showcasing locations in Louisiana, Tunisia, Switzerland, and Tahiti.
  • Nine Lecture readings have been revised and include new headings as well as adjustments to length and content to help students navigate the text. The "Bienvenue au Sénégal: pays de la Teranga" reading in Chapitre 8 has been replaced with "Des vacances au Maroc."
  • One information-gap activity per chapter has been added to the Instructor's Manual.
  • The end-of-chapter Vocabulaire and Prononcez bien! feature boxes have been recorded and added to the Audio Program.

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