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Contracts and the Legal Environment for Engineers & Architects, 7/e
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Book Preface

The seventh edition of Contracts and the Legal Environment for Engineers & Architects has been written for students of engineering and architecture and for practicing design professionals. This edition has been completely updated in recognition of the dynamic changes in the law in recent years, and every effort has been made to provide current and accurate information. One must be aware, however, that the changes continue, that rules vary from state to state, and that every rule has exceptions. Thus, neither this nor any other text is a substitute for a lawyer's help. Our expectation is that a study of this text will enable readers to recognize when they need that help.

The material in this seventh edition has been reorganized and expanded into seven parts:

  • Part I discusses the basic principles of the law and court systems in both the United States and globally.
  • Part II explains the basic principals of contracts.
  • Part III discusses the relationships of individuals and society focusing upon such areas as agency, partnerships, corporations, insurance, and governmental regulations.
  • Part IV explains the basic principals of tort law including concepts of negligence and product liability.
  • Part V explains the basic principals of property ranging from real property to intellectual property.
  • Part VI discusses how all these principals of law impact the daily practice of a design professional involved in a construction project ranging from the bidding process to the writing of specifications to considerations of building codes and other governmental regulations.
  • Finally, Part VII discusses the role of the design professional in litigation.
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