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Contracts and the Legal Environment for Engineers & Architects, 7/e
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Contracts and the Legal Environment for Engineers & Architects, 7/e

Joseph T. Bockrath, Louisiana State University
Fredric L. Plotnick, Drexel University


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This seventh edition of Contracts and the Legal Environment for Engineers & Architects presents both

  • a full discussion of the processes of law; akin to an entire year of law school but geared to undergraduate students or laypersons, and

  • a comprehensive analysis of how particular applications are likely to be encountered by engineers, architects, and other design professionals.

The material in the seventh edition has been expanded into seven parts:
  • basic principles of the law and court systems in the United States and globally;

  • basic principles of contracts, ranging from formation to remedies;

  • relationships of individuals and society, focusing on such areas as agency, partnerships, corporations, insurance, and governmental regulations;

  • basic principles of tort law, including the concepts of negligence and product liability;

  • basic principles of property, ranging from real property to intellectual property;

  • impact to the daily practice of a design professional involved in a construction project; and

  • the role of the design professional in litigation.